KINN Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaner, Lavender

500ML / 5 Litre Refill
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This powerful plant-based bathroom cleaner delivers a luxurious natural scent, incredible cleaning and peace of mind for sensitive skin thanks to no-nonsense, non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Read on for the devil in the detail (because we really do sweat the small stuff)…


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Good for you

  • Plant-based natural ingredients and fragrances; non toxic and non-disruptive to our very important endocrine systems 

  • Zero harsh chemicals, so kinder to skin

  • Relaxing lavender essential oil; naturally antibacterial, proven to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Non toxic for pets and children, giving you worry-free cleaning

  • Smart subscription offer, making eco-friendly cleaning easy

Good for the planet

  • Help to stop single-use plastic pollution, with our KINN keep-me bottle

  • Non toxic; free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance and harsh chemicals

  • All recyclable packaging, so less environmental impact and worry-free bin days

  • No animal by-product; certified vegan

  • Less packaging; less energy to produce, less emissions to transport and lower carbon footprint

Good for your home

  • Smells incredible, giving the luxurious scent of a five-star hotel brought to your home. Compliments guaranteed

  • Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; kills bacteria, gets rid of grime and tackles limescale 

What the people say



“As a clean freak I can say this cleans so well, my bathroom sparkles. With a great bonus it smells better than any other product I’ve ever tried and it’s vegan which I love!” 


“For a while, my family and I had irritated skin following our baths. I decided that I no longer wanted to use cleaning products that had chemicals in them, did some research and decided to try the Kinn Bathroom Cleaner. It is great, cleans the bathroom really well, sprays well and smells good too! Needless to say, no itchy skin any more. I am really happy to have found this product and will not be going back.”

Chris Ridealgh 

“I like to have a very clean bathroom but don’t want to choke on ammonia, chlorine bleach, nitric acid fumes, hydrochloric acid and other crud that often comes from other bathroom cleaning products. A delight to use and a product that is as effective at shifting bathroom and toilet grime. Smells like heaven on earth. Great for shifting limescale and other stubborn dirt and won't harm lungs or babies or young people.”

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The bigger picture

“It blows our minds, but manufacturers don’t have to disclose ingredients on product labels, which means they can hide toxic ingredients by simply calling them fragrances, parfum or aroma. It’s worth reading labels and looking for these suspect cover-up words.

We want there to be more transparency when it comes to the products we’re using in our homes, which is why we list out every single ingredient we use.” Marie and Sophie





De ionised water

De ionised/demineralised water that has passed through filters to remove minerals

Holds all ingredients together in solution

Citric acid

Natural fruit acid

Modifies the pH of the formula for optimum cleaning and stability

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

Quaternary compound

Helps product attach to surface for improved cleaning- biocide

alky poly glucoside

Surfactant – cleaning agent

Readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil

Fragrance ( parfum)


Essential Oils



Antimicrobial- Broad Spectrum activity

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Mild surfactant


What can it be used on?

What can it be used on?

Kills bacteria, gets rid of grime and tackles limescale

What does it smell like?

What does it smell like?

Lavender and rosemary essential oil

How do I use it?

How do I use it?

For a sparkly finish just spray onto your chosen surface, leave for a few seconds and then rinse clean and dry.


We believe that everyone has the right to know what they’re buying and breathing in. Everyone has the right to use non toxic products and no animals should ever be tested on. Read the KINN promise to find out more.

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