Concentrates & refills

Thank you for being part of the refill revolution. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Save 15% when you subscribe and have your favourites delivered straight to your door. Less thinking, more savings, bigger eco-impact.


Welcome to the refill revolution. Easy as 1,2,3

Get Started

Step 1: Pour

Pour your refill into your KINN keep-me bottle

Step 2: Add water

Fill it with water and seal

Step 3: Wiggle

Give it a wiggle and away you go


We’re 100% transparent about the ingredients we put into every KINN product and the packaging we use. No green-washing, no fluff. Just honest, eco-friendly cleaning.

Plant Based

We only ever use plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. That means we’re kinder to our environment, gentle on skin and safe for pets and people.


We aren’t just here to make nice-smelling things. We want to make a difference to the single-use plastic problem, which is why we invented the KINN Keep-me bottles and refills.

Cruelty Free

We never use any animal fats or byproducts in any KINN products (and don’t understand people who do). This means all our products are vegetarian and vegan certified.