Our top 5 picks for face masks

Written by Sophie Barrow

Our top 5 picks for face masks

Gone are the days when our top face mask search was one that was conducted in order to find the best face mask for self-care Sunday or recipes for homemade concoctions to help keep our skin glowing... Ok, maybe we still search for those things too. But, like it or not, face masks that help keep us safe from airborne diseases and infections are now a part of our everyday lives. 

So for those of us who now find ourself in the position of having to procure a mask and wear it (in some cases for hours on end) what are the best options out there?

We have rounded up our top picks for re-usable masks below! (note these are NON-SURGICAL face masks)

(and please don't wear it under your nose... it defeats the object of the mask)


  1. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask
    Available in four colours (Pink, Blue, Black and White), Casetify are known for making fun phone cases but they have also added a range of masks that have 5 layers fabric and 2 PM 2.5 carbon filters (the common size for particulates), and you can buy these filters direct from their website. 

  2. Wolford Reusable Masks
    Austrian brand Wolford, most recognised for their luxurious tights have created a range of masks from neoprene to silk. The silk one feels a little more luxurious on the face and should help those who suffer from spots. 

  3. UnderArmour Sports Mask
    A reusable mask designed for maximum "breathability" the UA mask is great for those who want to keep up their fitness. Water-resistant and with a layer treated with an anti-microbial formula to help keep bacteria from growing inside the mask. Available in a range of sizes, you'll find one to fit!

  4. ISO Vital + organic, eco-friendly mask
    This mask is not only stylish, but it's got eco-friendly credentials to boot! Made using organic cotton the mask is available in 3 sizes and four different colours (white, black, blue and red)

  5. Tabitha Eve Biodegradeable Face Mask
    Available in black or something a little funkier, this face mask is biodegradable and made using organic cotton, rubber and bamboo! It can be washed and re-used (just don't stick them in the tumble dryer!)
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