Our co-founder, Sophie, shares her relaxing evening routine

Written by Sophie Barrow

Our co-founder, Sophie, shares her relaxing evening routine

I am obsessed with getting a good nights sleep, which is probably a hangover from my time as a teenager when I had terrible insomnia. I always feel and look my best after a good nights rest, and I've spent a long time perfecting my evening. These are my tried and tested routine tips for a good nights sleep



I like to finish eating before 8pm, though the earlier the better in my books. This is my wind-down time and I make sure that the kitchen is tidy and turn the lights down low to create a cosy ambiance. My fiancé and I will usually watch a film or a couple of episodes of something at this time while the dog enjoys his time chewing on a treat or getting cuddles.



From this time onwards we try to wind down our use of electronics, I usually light my Tranquility candle in the bedroom to let the beautiful relaxing scent fill the room. (Trust me when I say... this candle knocks us out!)


I take the dog out one last time, rain or shine, and I really find this last bit of fresh air super relaxing and de-stressing, before getting our dog I don't think I would leave my house in the winter as I truly do not like being cold, now I relish those moments where it's just us to in the beautiful twilight or night time sky.


A quick warm shower, skincare and a hydrating face cream. I blow out the candle, the dog tucks himself into his bed and we put the the lights out by 11pm. 


Sophie x


Want to see more behind the scenes and a peak into the life of our co-founder, then follow the link @sophie_mlb

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