How you can help Ukraine

Written by Sophie Barrow

How you can help Ukraine
It has been utterly heartbreaking to watch the horrors unfold in Ukraine and we felt it entirely inappropriate to remain silent and to continue posting as usual. We will be staying silent for the week ahead.

We have scoured the internet and other accounts to hopefully provide you with some reliable links for ways you can help if you want to, if no specific order.
  1. The Disaster Emergency Committee  - The UK Government will match the donations pound-for-pound, up to £20million, meaning that your support will go further.
  2. The Wild At Heart Foundation - They have launched a fundraiser to help those with animal family members and to provide food, medical assistance and whatever is needed to help the whole family to safety.
  3. Sunflower of Peace - They prepare medical tactical backpacks for doctors and paramedics, helping to ensure that those who need medical attention can get it.
  4. Voices of Children - This charity helps children who have been affected by war, providing psychological and psychosocial support for children.
  5. Vostok - They help to provide humanitarian aid, evacuations and psychosocial support for those affected. They have a team on the ground in the region and are ready to coordinate aid.


Other ways that you can help

We know finically it's not always easy or possible to give money, but there are other ways that you can help.

Donate clothes, unused underwear, clean tops, jumpers, blankets, anything that you can, there are many amazing people who are running these items from the UK to borders of Ukraine to help those in need.

Rent an Airbnb in Ukraine. We have seen that many are renting airbnbs in Ukraine (and obviously not staying in them) so that they can financially help and support the owner. 

Educate yourself. With education comes power and the ability to help and act, even if it is through discourse. No effort is too small.


We truly wish we lived in a world where such things didn't happen... in any part of the world.

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