How to keep your hands clean and healthy

Written by Sophie Barrow

How to keep your hands clean and healthy

We know that washing our hands is important, but with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) it seems that everyone has ramped their handwashing into overdrive. Whilst it's great to see more people taking personal hygiene seriously did you know that if you're not looking after your hands properly you can be making it easier for germs to hide! 

So, how do we keep our hands healthy and super clean (not just because of COVID-19) but all the time? 

It's actually very simple, for starters you don't need to slather alcohol-based hand sanitizers on your hands (though it is useful to always have some with you when out and about, personally we like Dr Bronners). By overusing alcohol-based sanitisers you can actually be stripping your skin of its vital oils making your skin dry and cracked, and when you have dry cracked skin it makes it easier for germs to hide! 

The best way to keep your hands clean and healthy is to wash them with simple soap and water and then make sure that you moisturise them afterwards to make sure they don't lose their natural barrier. Try to make sure you use natural and organic soap and lotion (like ours) as these won't be filled with harsh chemicals that are counterproductive when it comes to keeping skin healthy and hydrated. 

If you're wondering whether you need to reach for the antibacterial soap we've written an article about why they aren't any better then traditional soap and can actually be counterintuitive. (the short answer is no to the antibacterial soap)

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