Essential Oils for every room in the house!

Written by Sophie Barrow

Essential Oils for every room in the house!

Having difficulty deciding which oils to use throughout your home? We've put together our thoughts on which oils you could try and why! You could either diffuse them or buy natural products that contain them. 

If you have any other suggestions, don't forget to comment below. We'd love to hear your suggestions! 

Hallway - Orange Oil 

Every host wants their guests to feel welcome when they first enter their home. Orange essential oil has been shown to reduce anxiety. It contains limonene which is emotionally uplifting, lowers the heart rate and eases stress. You could also try diffusing cinnamon due to its ability to recall memories of baking. Ever wonder why people bake before an open house? The smell of it is comforting and makes people feel at home. 

Kitchen - Lemon Oil 

The kitchen is the room you'll like to keep clean and crisp the most. Use lemon oil for it! Diffuse it, use it in cleaning products, add it to your water - you can do a lot with lemon essential oil in the kitchen. Apart from its association with cleanliness, it actually has a positive impact on the mind. It dispels anger and clears the mind which can give you a new kind of energy. In other words, it's a breath of fresh air! 

Living room - Fir Needle Oil 

When choosing the best essential oils for your living room, it's important to consider which activities you enjoy doing there. If you're all about relaxing after a long day at work, fir tree oil might be a good one to try first. It has a sweet scent and its ability to connect us with nature means it's the perfect oil to unwind with after a day in the office. It's also been linked to lower blood pressure, so can be useful for de-stressing!  

Dining room - Copaiba Oil 

We'd recommend choosing an oil for your dining room which isn’t too potent as it could distract from the taste of food, or even suppress your appetite. Strong smelling oils like peppermint or ginger could do this. Instead, try diffusing copaiba or sandalwood oil. They're both low-key but are still refreshing with their woody scents and would make great oils for a summer evening dinner party (when you're not eating on the patio!). 

Bedroom - Jasmine Oil 

It's essential to use oils in your bedroom that you enjoy as you'll probably spend the most time here. The bedroom is a relaxing space where you fall asleep, so opt for an oil which is calming and can help you relax into a restful sleep. While lavender and clary sage are good for the hours just before you fall asleep, they're very potent and can get a bit repetitive. Jasmine oil is calming and less potent than these two - it can also stimulate feelings of intimacy! Either diffuse a few drops of jasmine oil, or buy an organic soy candle which is jasmine scented. If you diffuse jasmine, try adding one or two drops of frankincense, too. It will help you feel more grounded but also smells amazing with jasmine! 

Laundry room - Copaiba & Lemon Oil

There aren't many smells which are more satisfying than that of fresh laundry. The laundry room might trigger stress because it reminds you of household chores, but it doesn't have to! By using a relaxing and happy scent in there, the laundry room could be transformed to a room of serenity. A combination of lemon and copaiba essential oils is a great mix for the laundry room. The lemon is a cheerful scent, while the copaiba will help prevent becoming stressed from doing laundry! 

Patio - Citronella Oil 

Have you ever smelled Citronella? It's fresh, grassy/floral smell which is one of the reasons we love diffusing it in our garden. Another reason being that it repels bugs and mosquitos. This is ideal if you live in a city or urban area because it connects us to nature and can be relaxing!  

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